My Letter To God: About child sponsorship


Dear God,

Please watch over my two kids, Jonas and Aaron, whom I sponsor. Bless them and keep them safe, healthy and happy, and keep their families safe as well.

Jonas is almost 18, please keep him encouraged, strong  and hopeful for his future. He wants to work in commerce. Please ensure that he passes along his education and his beliefs about you to his less fortunate peers. Guide him in his decisions, that he puts you first and consults you when faced with a problem or a decision to make. And please watch over his mother and siblings, that they have an abundance of food, health and love in their homes. I know what it is like to struggle alone with a child and not have enough to provide for him. I pray for her strength and resilience, and that her son becomes successful and makes her proud.

My little Aaron just turned 4. He is a beautiful little boy.  Please watch over him in his journey of life, watch over his grandma, who is his caregiver, and watch over his 3 siblings. I don’t know enough about his circumstances yet, because I just sponsored him and he hasn’t had the chance to write to me yet. Lord, please equip me with the right words of encouragement, to guide him, nurture him through letter-writing, and show him that someone else cares about him. Help me keep him uplifted in prayer, and please help me find a way to sponsor more kids, who so desperately need it.

I pray for all those involved in this wonderful ministry, from the board members to the pastors and the staff at all the outreach centers across the globe. They do a phenomenal job. I’d also like to pray for all the children who haven’t yet found sponsors, that they find sponsors too, and for those who are thinking about (or are already) sponsoring as well.

Lord I would like to thank you for the means and the opportunity that I have to make a difference in these kids lives. I have been truly blessed, and sometimes I worry that I get more out of our relationship than they do. It is amazing to me when I read a letter from Jonas and he says he and his family, half a world away from me and who I never met, take the time out to pray for me and my family, despite the adversity they face. Please provide me with the means to continue to sponsor these babies and more in the future.


P.S.   As a side note, please grant me patience when my dog does dumb stuff like eats all the dirt out of my potted plants or scratches the paint on my door, or waits until i leave the room to eat out of the garbage. AMEN!!!

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