30 Days of Thankfulness


How many things do we have to be thankful for? I can’t even wrap my mind around all the things we have that we can thank God for… the key to happiness is being grateful for our blessings, even through times of hardship and adversity. You might think you have a terrible life, nothing to be thankful for, nobody loves you or cares about you, or money troubles might be a factor in your unhappiness. I have news for you:

* The simple fact that you woke up this morning is reason enough to be thankful, despite any problems you might have. You’re alive to fulfill a purpose. It’s up to you to figure out what that purpose might be.

* YOU are the engineer of your own happiness. Not your husband, partner, friends, your financial situation, kids, job, stuff you have, etc. You have to consciously think about the blessings you have, and keep them in your thoughts at all times.

* Something people don’t like to talk about: MONEY, stuff, name brand clothes, cars, houses, prestige, status, jewelry, wealth, material things don’t mean CRAP. God can take everything away in a heartbeat. Remember that you can’t take any of that with you when you die. And- having the means to buy stuff won’t make you happy. Being able to buy the finer things in life won’t give you happiness. What will happen, though, is that you will never be satisfied and you’ll always want more. Be content and happy with the relationship you have with God, your family, and friends- in that order. Everything else will fall into place. And do you really want to be known for what you have instead of what you’ve good done in the world? Personally I’d rather die a broke missionary than a rich but lonely and morally corrupt mogul. That’s just me, though.

* Something that you are taking for granted, someone else is praying for. So, that spouse you have who doesn’t behave affectionately towards you but is responsible or a good parent will look mighty good to some lonely person out there. A mother who buried her only child would love to appreciate that kid you have that doesn’t call you on a regular basis but texts you instead. Someone who doesn’t have a job would love to have that job you hate…. Think about it…

During the month of November I’m going to periodically post what I’m thankful for. I would love it if you would share what you are thankful for as well. I would love to read about the many things you have surrounding you that you feel grateful for, no matter how small they may be… For example, even though my car broke down yesterday, I was thankful that I made it home safely, for my supportive family, the AAA guy who did the towing, etc.

Today’s thankful moment: I am thankful for my children, who love me despite my flaws, and who I would give my life for if I had to. There is no better feeling to me than being a mother and I thank God that he gave me the opportunity.

About ardentvix

I am a Christian, a professional, a former teen mom, a graduate student, a humanitarian, a mentor, who loves to read, learn, volunteer, plan events, and learn about nonprofit management. I hope to write about things that might make a difference in someone's life or inspire someone in some way.

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